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Jade Academy
The Jade Academy has successfully trained hundreds of therapists the world over for the last twenty years and now introduces their new online Academy for continuing education.
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 4 units in one

• Jade electronically assisted micromassage (since 1985)

• Jade Derma Ray (with 14 High Frequency Bulbs)

• Electro-Aesthesiometer  

• ElectroDermal Screening (EDS - since 1981)



It all began in 1978 when the developer began his research. It all blossomed when he developed electronically assisted massage and later added sound and color to the massage dynamic. Prof. Charles is today's father of microcurrent massage. In addition to your hands, now your work can be frequency specific. Today we are the leading system of full body massage and rejuvenation. Now you can add mircomassage, high frequency therapy, homeotherapeutics, and color photons to your body work! Saves time and dramatically improves results and patron satisfaction.


Jade’s 20+ year history represents a milestone of developments in aesthetics, body work, massage and rejuvenation. Massage is one of humanity’s oldest therapeutics. Micromassage (reflexotherapy) has long been used historically for pain relief and led to the development of acupressure. Electromicromassage developed originally by Jade’s founder, Prof. [Dr. of Med.] McWilliams as early as the 1980’s has lead to many advancements. The Professor’s famous 20 minute Micromassage Facial removes five years of appearance off the average stressed face in a single treatment. His lymphatic drainage removes up to 12 body inches in tissue swelling from the very first treatment. His systems have been clinically researched on Nevis island for over twenty years and practiced by hundreds of others worldwide. Regional electromicromassage addresses directly the patient’s chief complaints while esthetically improving the appearance of normalcy.

The Jade Combo unit combines the famous Jade Machine micromassage unit with the Derma Ray High Frequency bulbs. Jade Therapy essentially consists of 3 components:

1. Derma Ray High Frequency to mobilize lymph;

2. Jade Electromicromassge to relieve muscle spasm\;

3. The Aesthesiometer using palpation point audible search function and a pressure guage to determine degree of point tenderness; and

4. An ElectroDermal Screening unit (according to Voll) to measure palpation point conductivity is the fourth feature to add to the global dimensions of utilitizing the palpation points to detect allergies, intoxications, and imbalances.

All combined, this unit offers all the utility for advanced micromassage evaluation and treatment.

The Jade Combo unit comes complete with two online short courses, culminating in a regularly scheduled 5 day training program at the world famous Jade Center on Nevis Island.

In addition, your receive a comprehensive set of Manuals more than twenty years in research and development; and the following 4 books: Reading Faces, East & West [Paperback]; Touch Diagnosis, Its All Palpatory [CD-ROM]; ELECTRIC & ELECTROMAGNETIC HEALING [Paperback]; The Taste Test Diet [Paperback].

You may enroll NOW in this unique educational experience to advance your clinical skills and add new dimensions to your massage and/or esthetic practice.

Next 5 day training: Nov. 13-17, 2012 - Nevis Island.

You may enroll in the Jade Courses by deposit, while completing your education in a practical 5 day training on Nevis Island. The package fee includes lodging and meals (breakfast and lunch). You travel to our sister island (St. Kitts) or direct to Nevis (Vance Amory Airport) for a tropical and topical experience.

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Successful completion of the training program and package makes the candidate eligible for Licensure as a Therapeutician™ of the Therapeutae Ministry under the Community Chapel of the Church of Hope.